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About Farm2Earn

Farm2Earn is a blockchain-based online project developed by

Enhanced Finance Solutions Ltd, Neas Egkomis, 33F Office 13 Egkomi, 2409,
Nicosia Republic of Cyprus
. in cooperation with GrowExpress Limited.

In this project, investors can purchase so-called SEEDX tokens starting from 1 USD and profitably stake them with a maximum of 30% per year.

This is done via reliable and transparent smart contracts. From the purchase of the SEEDX tokens, the staking and the monitoring to the payment of the rewards to be paid out in USDT, everything is transparently visible and secure.

The revenue here is generated by the already operating company GrowExpress Limited, that is in the high-demand food business and has lucratively brought together key components through smart approaches.


With blockchain technology, the supply chains and sales flows are also secured and made transparent. This gives every investor even more clarity and information security for the period of their investment.


But Farm2Earn also does a lot for the land and farmers. By cultivating the land and educating Nigeria's indigenous farmers, they are helping them achieve secure incomes, food security, internal stability and an improvement in the country's climatic and CO2-based factors.


WIN WIN all the way - by making it easy to invest from as little as a dollar, any people around the world can now participate in the growing market of food.

Simply log in with your wallet, buy SEEDX and stake them. You are earning stable dollars from day one.

problem solution.jpeg

which problems solve Farm2Earn ?

1. Food supply for humanity - Wheat is one of the basic foodstuffs. It is needed for animal feed and as a basic ingredient for other food products.

2. Securing the food supply of Nigeria - which currently imports 80% wheat.

3. Participation in lucrative food projects starting from 1 USD.

4. Attractive returns (up to 30% p.a.) also for small investors.

5. Positive CO2 balance - promotion of environmental protection.

6. Income for farmers and their families in Nigeria.

7. Easily investing and realizing profits from any point on earth (with an internet connection) through blockchain technology.

8. Simple and attractive user interface and experience.

9. Transparency and control for investors over the entire operations with the help of using blockchain technology.

10. Avoidance of pump and dump schemes by paying out in USD. The token is always worth more than 1 USD.

11. Avoiding hype deals in IT by earning returns with the help of a real world company with a going concern.

how we solve ?

Point 1 and 2: Nigeria has millions of hectares of uncultivated land. With the help of modern technology and training, F2E is making local farmers more productive and helping to cultivate uncultivated land. As a result, millions of hectares of fallow land become arable land and can secure the country's supply of wheat. Surpluses could be exported.


Point 3. blockchain technology will make it possible for every person on the planet

with internet access to invest in a global foodsupply project securely and with minimal incidental costs. Just connect and get started.


Point 4: Returns today are in the negative and rarely higher than single digits. Due to purchase guarantees and the high demand, F2E creates up to 30% p.a. here.


Point 5: Self-explanatory.


Point 6: Through direct involvement of local farmers, training and equipment with modern technology, F2E makes local farms more efficient and profitable. At the same time, it guarantees good payment.


Point 7: see point 3


Point 8: A graphically appealing, easy to understand and simply designed user interface makes it possible for everyone to participate easily.


Point 9: Through comprehensive tracking of the process from sowing to loading, the investor can see what is being done with his investment, where there is room for improvement, but also where everything already works optimally.


Point 10: Since the token is sold at 1USD and earns 0.20 to 0.30 cents profit every year (indefinitely), the price of a token is always higher than 1USD. Even if an investor would have to sell. This is what makes SEEDX so unique. No one has to speculate on short term profits because long term profits are guaranteed.


Point 11:  Farm2Earn has a true old-economy business model behind the token. We don't have to speculate on whether the token's prices will rise or the technology will be adopted. Your chances are to double the investment after 5 years. In the best case, after 3.5 years. After that, all profits will be paid back at 100%. Everything works with no term limit. If you want to build a long-term, safe and passive income, Farm2Earn is the right place for you.

Old and new world meet and something uniquely lucrative is created.

FARM2EARN with SEEDX - your protection for the future.



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