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Data to Farm2Earn

data to Farm2Earn.

GrowExpress Limited

founded 2017

Three european and four african shareholder

2022 800 hectares of leased land /
option on another 99.000 hectares

support from state official, ministry of agriculture and NGO´s

cooperations: / /

GIZ (German Association for International Corpoartion)

NASC (National Agricultural Seed Council)

Blockchain traced supply chain



Region: Nigeria

Revitalize sustainably fertile African farmland and scale it from 0.5-1ha to 100ha

In field cultivation, we are switching from monocultures to specially adapted crop rotations and locally grown seed. This increases the yield from ~1 to up to 8-10 tons per hectare.

We work together with local universities and AGRICULTURE institutes to sustainably increase yields.

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