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Here is the native token of Farm2Earn.

Your key to passive income:

the fundament of investing


the native token of Farm2Earn

The SEEDX token has his home on the Polygon Blockchain.

You can buy him to buy SEEDS in the Farm2Earn ecosystem.

It is simple and transparent:

Doesn´t matter where you are on this Planet - connect your Metamask Wallet with our page.

Add polygon network to metamask - if not allready done:

How to add Polygon Network to Metamaskklick here

Top up with some USDT and buy SEEDX Token - each for 1USD.

contractadress USDT on Polygon:


Than go to the staking Dashboard and stake your SEEDX token with 2 clicks.

Choose your staking periode and your APY and confirm in Metamask.

From this moment you are part of the world wide food supply system and you earn passive money.

YOUR REWARDS are calculated and updated every second. You can check them at any time by connecting to the Stacking Dapp.

You can claim the rewards directly in USDT every year.



maximum supply:


How to add Polygon Network to Metamask
klick here

contractadress SEEDX: 0x276CDafc5F09EE7798A460D908b4B7C9dEF22907


contractadress USDT on Polygon:



unique points

SEEDX Token will have some special features for more investment security and better user experience.

THE SEEDX Token has a fixed selling price of 1 USD and will be only sold in the dapp of Farm2Earn.

SEEDX has a fixed maximum supply of 50.000.000

The SEEDX Token has no seed phase -

so early investors can´t run PUMP and DUMP.

EVERY SEEDX token has a rebuy-garantee through the smart contract - That means you can always sell back your SEEDX token to a fixed price of 0.75 USD.

Secondary markets like QUICKSWAP will come but only for resellers.

None SEEDX will be sold or offered there by FARM2EARM themself.

You are secure agains big price dumps and the volatility of the cryptomarket.

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